A Special Call for Papers

To Celebrate the China Scholars Program

To celebrate Sino-American friendship and the China guest-scholars program, the BRC hereby announces a festschrist that will focus exclusively on Chinese business studies.

Papers in all areas of Chinese business studies are encouraged with a particular focus current, revelant topics including, but not limited to, Chinese monetary policy and finance, Chinese social media, digital marketing, and consumer behavior, Chinese global trade and investment, Chinese entrepreneurship and business development, Chinese management structures and governance, and other topics that highlight unique aspects of business in China. Importantly, papers of teaching and the scholarship of teaching are also encouraged.

Although the festschrift welcomes all submissions, first consideration will be given to papers co-authored by Chinese-American scholars to celebrate the bridge of friendship. Second consideration will be given to independently authored papers by Chinese guest scholars. Third consideration will be to invited papers from the guest scholars network. Finally, other papers relevant to call will be considered.

The journal festschrift will be published in The BRC Academy Journal of Business (Cambria Press). This journal is a indexed by Google Scholar, commercially distributed in print and digital formats, and listed in Cabell's.

A special peer-review committee is assembled for timely response and feedback. For further information, please use the contact form on this website.